Do we need technique to dance Contact Improvisation?

Davide Casiraghi
Oct 12, 2018
Many times I find myself in discussions about this topic and I notice that often in the jams many participants don't care about taking classes or workshops to improve their skills.
But what are these skills? And what can we archive if we master these skills?

In this video, we can see two contact teachers dancing. 
You can observe how they provide each other a safe ground that supports the other and how they move with minimum effort.

An advanced contact dancer is able to master the laws of physics in a way that he can perform with ease many kinds of acrobatic movements.

To dance and enjoy this “Art/Sport” where people meet into jams for the pleasure of dancing, we don’t need big muscles, instead, we need to learn some of these principles:
Rolling, sliding, following a physical point of contact, rolling point of contact, to base our movements from a base of sensations rather than from a plan, finding ease moving off-balance, quality of touch, share the weight with our dance partner, small dance and moving relating to the force of gravity, spirals, falling, flying principles, hi bench, low bench, multidirectional awareness, aikido rolls, handstands and comfort in upside-down positions, relate to partners even if we are not in contact, “no hands” dance, to surprise ourself, and many others.

Here you can find a beautiful article about some of the basic skills of Contact Improvisation.

Would you love to add any skill I forgot to mention?