Hacking our body functions trough Ilan Lev Method

Davide Casiraghi
Sep 24, 2019
I have graduated in computer science many years ago and recently as Ilan Lev practitioner, sometimes happens that I find bridges between this two worlds that may seem quite far from each other.
Recently I found interesting to observe how Ilan Lev method work from the prospective of information technology.

If we compare a human body to a computer hardware we can see that it’s built by many different components, each component providing a specific task.
All this body parts are coordinated by the brain and nervous system that offer a layer that allows an exchange of informations between them.

In a computer we can see the correspondent of this layer as the
Operating System. The OS offer a ground where all the hardware parts can dialogue and all the other softwares can operate.

Many times Ilan Lev during his movement classes refer to our body with the word Operating system

The OS, manage all the hardware resources: ram, disks, keybord, mouse, screen, etc.
When we open a software, the OS assign a slice of the ram to it. This is called memory stack. And this software can read and write informations related to it’s execution just in this part of the memory.

One of the most classical ways to hack a system is to provoke a "Stack buffer overflow”.
The hacker trough various techniques fill the whole memory stack of a program forcing the memory pointer to jump out of this area.
At this point the hacker can do whatever he want, because it’s operating out of the box that was assigned, where just specific actions were allowed.

During the Ilan Lev method movement classes and bodyworks we use to do the same, trough many different images and layers of movement informations, that bring a constant flow of provocations to our system, we can overflow the whole capacity of the nervous system, and our conscious ability to process informations, and in this way we can break our movement patters, allowing new movement, new informations to be part of our system.

It can be perceived as confusing in the beginning because we want to understand trough our mind, that is too slow to process the moltitude of informations.
And when we drop our will to understand that we allows the hack to happen.

Since we are in use with the will to understand and to do the good movement, in a proper way, there can be some resistances we will need to face.

And it's when we think that we have found the right movement that we stop to learn. So, better to break it again and find a new variant.

Davide Casiraghi
24 September 2019

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