The Ilan Lev practitioner's diary

Davide Casiraghi
Sep 25, 2019
This article is addressed to the Ilan Lev method practitioners.

During the training, we have been asked to keep a diary of our treatments to remember about them and the diary is also useful during our internship since we need to track the journey we did with multiple cases.
I also think it’s a best practice to keep it as a regular practice after the completion of the whole training for many reasons:

There are many reasons to keep a diary, the first is as the assistant stress us during the training, we easily forget about the treatments we have given.

It can be also useful to remember the evolution of the case:
  • what were the initial complaints of the person that came to us
  • how the person feels before the treatment and feels after the treatment
  • what we have already done
  • our observations after the treatment

I’ve been struggling a bit with the way about how to organize all these pieces of information.

In the beginning, I was adding them in a single file where, for each treatment a few lines, but with time I found this approach not so functional.
Then I start keeping a document for each case. But also in this way the information were not so usable.
In the end I found out that the best way that fits to me it’s a google sheet where I add a line for each treatment, and all the information is specified in different columns.

Here you can find the last version google excel.
Feel free to copy it and use it!

If you have any feedback or suggestions about how to improve it please write me a message.