What does it mean to upgrade our body functionalities ?

Davide Casiraghi
Sep 26, 2019
Many times Ilan Lev use to say that the method is useful not just to allow the body to release a trauma removing the obstacles in movement, but also to upgrade our motor functionalities.

But what does it mean to upgrade our body functionalities?

I think that it can be related to our movement learning process.
When we were children, through our first movement experiences, the first time we found a way to accomplish a specific task we got an imprint in our nervous system, and every time we want to accomplish the same task, our body recall this pre-stored schema.
This is an unconscious process that is called a movement pattern.

In computer development, it’s like to write a function that sums two numbers. The first time it requires some effort, but then every time we need it we just need to call sum(a,b) without caring what happens inside.
Movement patterns are amazing, they allow us to build up more and more complex actions, and to act on a higher level of capacity.
Once we have learned to move a finger, and the relation between the finger and the whole hand and harm, we can then develop the action grab an object.

It is much more complicated to change a movement habit than we can think about.
This is because before we can change it, we must refine our senses, experience and repeat a new movement with the least possible effort. Only after numerous repetitions, our body can recognize a more functional way than the previous one.

A movement pattern can be compared to a path into a grass field, the first time we step on a field where there is no path we leave a little sign in the grass, then if we keep crossing it from the same way every day for a while the path starts to emerge, and it gets easier to pass the field through this path. Especially when it rains because there the grass doesn't grow anymore and so we don't get wet.

Ilan Lev uses to say that we can’t bring the body back to a previous state of functionality when we are treating an injury.
Our body organization it’s a constant ongoing process that cannot be reversed to go back to a previous state. But we can bring some new experiences through different provocations to allow the body to find a new functional order. This is what we do trough Ilan Lev bodyworks.

So our body has a history of movements made by experiences, and we can’t erase anything from this history.
But we can add a new page, a new experience that can create a new influence that allows a new order of reactions in our daily life.

Davide Casiraghi
26 September 2019

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