Re-awaking our inner sensitivity

Davide Casiraghi
Sep 27, 2019
During my first year giving Ilan Lev bodyworks, I've noticed that the best feedbacks after a treatment come from dancers and people that are in use to work with the body in a conscious way.

So I started asking myself:

"Why? Is this kind of treatment good just for dancers and yogi?"
I think that the people which are sensitive to their body-system due to their practices are more able to feel how this impact on their body, but everyone can get good effects even if they are not perceived in the early stages of the process.

To re-awaken our sensitivity it’s a process that should be approached with a certain regularity. Getting bodyworks once or twice a week can be a good start, and at the same time, the best would be to support the change with some movement/awareness practices.

Ilan Lev movement classes are a good support to the change, or any movement practice like dancing, yoga, chi-kung, tai-chi, and so on.
Just mind that the more we practice a specific movement the less we get the good effects out of that. It’s good to remind ourselves that it’s when we are in the beginner stage that we get the most out of a practice.
So it’s good to change practice to bring new input. Or choose a form that includes the practice to break the good movements like Ilan Lev movement classes.

But why we should work on awake our sensitivity?

Because if we don't listen to our body, our body stops to listen to us, and then chronic issues may arise.

Our sensitivity allows us to get conscious about what's happening inside our bodies. To get the signals that our body is sending to us. The more we ignore them and the fewer signals we get able to perceive. So the ability to listen is something that we should be practiced every day. This ability is also defined as interoperception.

I think that often in our society, sensitivity is perceived as weakness. If you just search on google image the keyword sensitivity you find the most images about people in pain. So from common sense we get a message like this:
" If I'm more sensitive I will feel colder when the weather is cold, I will cry when I get hurt, if something is not ok in my body I will feel the tension there, I feel my back tense when I sit at the desk for many hours. "

I think that our body is smarter than us, and when it gives us feedback/signal and we decide to ignore it, it adds a line to the bill and when this keeps going for a long time we have to pay the whole bill. And it can be quite a hefty bill, made by made of chronic problems.

From my personal experience, I have to admit that in the past I always struggle with staying sit 8 hours a day. And looking around me in the office I was wondering, "am I the only one that feels so bad about it?” Probably I was one of the few taking these messages seriously.
This is the reason why in my 26 I start dancing Contact Improvisation, and lately doing Yoga and practicing the Ilan Lev Method.

Davide Casiraghi
27 September 2019