Since 2014 I'm getting more and more into the research about how to bring Contact Improvisation dance in the water environment.
The experimentations had taken place in thermal pools, in the sea and Y-40 pool combining tools from many practices such as Contact Improvisation, water bodywork, yoga, relaxation, and somatic techniques.

deepwater festival logoI'm one of the organizers of the first Deep Water Dance Festival:
Deep Water Dance Festival is a meeting where people share their knowledge of dance and freediving in the Italian world’s deepest pool, the Y-40.
The goal of the meeting is to practice freediving, dance, contact improvisation, watsu, yoga, relaxation, video making, living together in the same house for four days and participating in all these collective research activities.
The festival is for certificated freedivers who want to try deep underwater contact improvisation, watsu and water dance. 

These photos and videos document the research about dancing Contact Improvisation in shallow and in deep water at the depth of 10 meters.