Insights diary

A stream of meaningful insights from my daily practices and encounters.

  • Getting in contact with our body senses

    Nov 1, 2021

    Body senses are the only way we have to feel the position of our body in the space and to become aware of its condition.
    The more we use our body senses and the more developed they become.

    Unfortunately, intellectual development, not the development of our body senses, is emphasized in our culture.

    Movement is one way to activate the body's senses. But we move less than prior generations did. Machines have taken over so much of the work for which bodily action was formerly needed, depriving us of many opportunities to develop our body senses.

    Sport if done at all usually involves the body in too specialized a way to give a variety of movement needed. And too often sport is done in such a mechanical way that it does not develop any sensing of the body at all.

    One of the main focuses of somatic-based movement trainings is feeling yourself while experimenting.


    Some of these excerpts are from Don Hanlon Jonson - Bone, Breath, and Gesture: Practices of Embodiment Volume 1

  • Using "you" and "we" instead of "I" while relating to personal experiences

    Oct 24, 2021

    Lately, I started noticing in the sharing circles at the end of jams the tendency to use "you" and "we" to relate to personal experiences.
    Question on the CI Global facilitators group about it let emerge many different opinions.

    For somebody it's a "projection",  in some cultures can be a "default expression" kind of linguistic habit, it can be a generalization of a personal experience that prevents one from taking responsibility.
    It may be seen also as a soft dissociation, specifically for depersonalization. 

  • Not to fix, but to trust the patient body

    Oct 2, 2021

    One of the most radical things of the Ilan Lev method is that we don't want and expect to fix people while giving treatment.
    As practitioners, we bring a flow of an incredible variety of movements while offering our full attention to listen and witness what is happening in the process.
    Bringing questions in our movements and observing how the movement spread in the body.
    And most important to trust the body of the patient will find its own way to heal.

  • Is it an ILM bodywork similar to a massage ?

    Sep 27, 2021

    At a first look, from a picture, they may seem similar.
    We use a massage table and we touch the body of the patient.
    At the same time, they are very different, here the focus is not to release the muscles but to bring movement, provocations, vibrations to the body.

  • Depression and emotional suppression

    Sep 24, 2021

    Today Nayeli told me that one of the key causes of depression is suppressing an emotion, not facing something, and pushing it away.

    Depression -> Deep-pressure