The alphabet of the body

Sensations are the alphabet of the body. If you try to explain a sensation you will need to find a compromise made of words.

By Davide Casiraghi
Oct 25, 2019 |
Less then one minute min read

An anatomy image it’s a compromise, the words on an anatomy or medicine book a compromise too.
When we dialogue from sensations to sensations, without translating into words, we communicate at a deeper level. 
We speak in machine code language.

"Sensations are the alphabet of the body", I heard this sentence for the first time from Nancy Stark Smith during the Warsaw Contact Flow festival in June 2014.

Ilan Lev during the training course in Poland in April 2018 said that, when we touch a shoulder, it’s not the one we find on the anatomy books. Because that shoulder is unique due to its own story.

Bruno Caverna during his Play Fight workshop in Ljubljana in January 2019 was speaking about words as compromises.
When we want to explain an experience, we have to find words that we can relate a bit to it, so we can use them later to relate again to the experience.
During the workshop he used the word "inner fall", to explain something we experienced doing one exercise.


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