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The Ilan Lev Method (ILM) is a revolutionary form of hands-on bodywork that addresses body aches, pains, and movement imbalances caused by physical or emotional strain.

The method works towards improving human capabilities and removing functional difficulties.

The treatment resolves body-circulation issues, relieves pain and skeletal and joint problems.

A breath of fresh air.

Each cell of your body is vibrating, it’s like opening the window in a room and let the air circulate inside.

About ILM treatment

What's Unique About an Ilan Lev treatment

The method works through a wide variety of movements and provocations to the skeleton of the receiver to obtain openness and release.

Releases physical and mental tensions.
Support the body ability of self-healing.
An infusion of life
Awaken and enhance the body's motor functions and activate the senses.
Remove obstacles in movements and functional difficulties.

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